Pricing, Terms & Shipping

For item prices, please see the products page. When price increases are implemented, orders placed prior to the increase will be billed at the price in place on the order date.

Terms: Unless other arrangements have been agreed upon, bullets will ship upon receipt of payment – for personal checks, this means when the check clears the bank.

Being just a ‘Ma& Pa’ business, we are not set-up to accept credit cards: payment may be made via either personal check or, money order, payable to BIB, and mailed to me, at the address below. Always, either call, or, e-mail, to check availability before sending your money – while I sometimes have some items in stock, I do not want your money until I can ship your bullets.

All orders are shipped via U.S. Flat Rate Priority Mail. To order, please either call, or, e-mail, providing  your Name, phone number, U.S. Mailing address, and the item(s) and quantity (ies), you desire. I do not export: exporting requires a third party exporter.

Effective 1/1/17, until further notice, we will pay for shipping, on orders totaling $450.00, or more, shipped via U.S. FLAT RATE PRIORITY Mail. For orders under this amount, shipping is either $7.90, or, $14.35, depending upon USPS FLAT RATE BOX size. Minimum order quantity is one box  – for most items, 250 Ea., some items more/less – per item.


R.G. Robinett

P.O. Box 72

Madrid, Iowa 50156

515-438-4010 – week days during business hours (CST)

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