Pricing, Terms & Shipping

For item prices, please see the products page.

Terms: Unless other arrangements have been agreed upon, bullets will ship upon receipt of payment – for personal checks, this means when the check clears the bank.

Being just a ‘Ma& Pa’ business, we are not set-up to accept credit cards: payment may be made via either personal check or, money order, payable to BIB, and mailed to me, at the address below. Always, either call, or, e-mail, to check availability before sending your money – while I sometimes have some items in stock, I do not want your money until I can ship your bullets.

All orders are shipped via U.S. Flat Rate Priority Mail. To order, please either call, or, e-mail, providing  your Name, phone number, U.S. Mailing address, and the item(s) and quantity (ies), you desire.

Effective 1/1/17, until further notice, we will pay for shipping, on orders totaling $450.00, or more, shipped via U.S. FLAT RATE PRIORITY Mail. For orders under this amount, shipping is $13.60. Minimum order quantity is one box [of 250 Ea.] per item.


R.G. Robinett

P.O. Box 72

Madrid, Iowa 50156

515-438-4010 – week days during business hours (CST)

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