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10/25/19 7mm info. The 7mm, 160 Gr. BT will be priced at $575.00 per 1,000, and boxed 200 Ea. per box: minimum order, one box (200 Ea.).

I have two 7mm die sets: 1) George Ulrich and, 2) David Detsch. The BIB 7mm will be made on a limited basis – that is, I will have a finite quantity of suitable jackets, which J4 will  produce only once a year.

 The same pricing and packaging will apply to the 7mm, 180* Gr. BT from either die. * As of today, the exact weight remains to be determined. Unless I can score a larger quantity of suitably good jackets, these will be made on a more limited basis.

First pic: Ulrich 7mm die, 160 GR. BT. This die features a ten caliber tangent ogive with 0.050″ knock-out pin (me’plat) diameter, and 8 Deg. x 0.200″ boat-tail. For comparison, this bullet is positioned in a 35+ year old Sinclair comparator.


This next shot displays/compares the over-all length of the Detsch (as viewed, bottom bullet) vs. Ulrich dies: the Ulrich points up about 0.010″ shorter. The 7mm bullets all feature 8Deg. x 0.200″ BT, and 0.050″ me’plat diameter.


Next, is the Sinclair comparator base-to-ogive length of the initial LOT of 160 BT from the Detsch point-up die. The Detsch die bullets have about about 1/16th” longer shank.


Lastly, a side-by-side comparison, with a bare Detsch die 160 Gr. in the middle and, as viewed, a pair of Ulrich 10 ogive bullets to the left, and two more Detsch die bullets on the right. The “moly” coated bullets were done for my own use – I do not sell “moly-coated” bullets.


The choice between the Ulrich and Detsch die will rest mostly on chamber “throating”: for a given jacket length/weight, the Detsch die produces a longer shank. Both configurations are shooting equally well.

Meanwhile, off the range, here’s the result of a 160 Gr. BT (Detsch die) via 7mm DAKOTA, Bartlein 1:9″ 5R, Borden Timberline action, Harrell’s tuner/brake, a measly 297 Yd. shot. Full value 23-27 MPH prairie zephyr (5 second average setting) . . . when I’m not competing, I ‘m huntin’, making bullets, or, just shootin ’em . . .



All shipping via U.S. Flat Rate Priority Mail, to USA only. Payment via either personal check, or, money-order. Please call, or, e-mail with questions:

R.G. Robinett

P.O. Box 72

Madrid, Iowa 50156

515-438-4010 – week days during business hours (CST)


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