The commitment to make the best possible bullets is not only our mission, but also our achievement: the list of NBRSA/IBS National Championship Bench-rest Wins, Records, and Hall of Fame Points earned is second to none. I am grateful for the trust and skill of those who have helped display the potential of BIB bullets. I will not compromise in the continuing effort to make the very finest HAND swaged match bullets possible: some evidence, below.


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Here, Mike Stinnett’s World Record group is pictured at roughly 78% of actual size.

On June 8, 2013, at Denton, TX, during a North Texas Shooters Association sponsored NBRSA Registered group tournament, Mike Stinnett, shooting a 30 Stewart (0.070″ long 30PPC), Krieger 1:17″ barrel, H-4198, and BIB 114 gr.-10 ogive bullets, punched the smallest 5-shot, 100 yard group ever recorded: official measurement – 0.0077.

Michael, “Mike”, Stinnett – THE Man who, “did it”! Thank you, Mike!
Jason Stanley, 2018 NBRSA  National Hunter Class (498-20X) and Two Gun Champion (998-45x). Jason, a.k.a. ‘Stanley, used a pair of BAT actioned 30BR rifles, H-4198 powder, CCI BR4 primers, and BIB 112-7 ogive FBHP (Hunter) & 118-10 ogive (VfS) Match bullets. The Two Gun is the combined total scores for both the Hunter Class and Varmint for Score (VfS) events.
Dean Walther, 2018 NBRSA National Varmint for Score Champion,(500-32x). Dean’s rifle featured a BAT action, Jewell trigger, NightForce scope, 30BR chamber: his load consisted of H-4198 powder, Federal 205 primers, and BIB 118gr. -10 ogive FBHP Match bullets.
Desirous of yet more exposure, at the initial Boone Valley Ike’s spring match, May 19, 2019, Dean Walther decided to set a pair of NBRSA VfS Records: 200Yard (250-16x) & Grand Aggregate (500 – 40x)! Again, Mr. Walther wielded his trusted 30BR (see above) and BIB 118gr -10 ogive bullets to yet another top-level performance. We have come to expect this level of performance from the ever humble ‘Dean of Webster City’. Thank you, Dean.
Far to the west, and two months prior to Dean having established his records (above), on March 24, 2019, at Lewis & Clark Wildlife Club, Lapwai, ID, Harvy Uttinger, of Corvallis, MT, was busy shooting a short lived NBRSA VfS Grand Aggregate Record: 500-36X. Harvey used a Gold Creek Rifles (Greg Swezey), BAT actioned, 30BR, and BIB 112gr.-seven ogive FB Match bullets. Mr. Uttinger’s 2019 NBRSA VfS Record punctuated his 2017  NBRSA Nationals Hunter Class & TWO GUN Championship victories, which included establishing the NBRSA Two Gun Record: 1000-62X(Full disclosure: Harvey employed, “brand b” bullets for the Hunter Class 1/2, & BIB 112-7ogive for the VfS 1/2 of the TWO GUN Record.) Yep, Harvey can shoot!
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