We shall see if I am up to the task, as it will require getting a few pictures to show up here, along with the text . . . first, let’s see if I can even make this simple text appear! 😉

That seems to have worked – let’s try a pic . . . will a BIB bullet kill game? How about this stone sheep, far northern BC, Canada, August, 2017: My pal, Chad, 488 yards, 6.5×284, 135Gr. BIB BT; “dead right there”. Thank you for your trust, Chad! 🙂IMG_0616.JPG

Here’s what Chad did the previous fall, southern BC, Canada, bighorn sheep: same 6.5×284, BIB 135 Gr.  BT, again, DRT from 340 yards. Two rams – that’s a lot of trust – thank you, again, Chad! 🙂IMG_0448.JPG

July, 2018 Chad added a Dall ram to his collection! 🙂 A very nice 36″, from a distance of 400 Yd. (steep down-hill – this was the “shoot to” range), NW Territories. Chad used the same 6.5×284/135 BIB BT combination as the previous pair of rams – three consecutive rams, ‘all dead-right-there’. This time, on a full broad-side, the 135 left a golf-ball sized exit.IMG_0788.JPG

Here, Chad is in a more civilized setting, having dispatched a pair of hogs and a c-dog with his .20 Practical & BIB 40 Gr. BT – all DRT (dead-right-there)!IMG_0923.JPG

How about the BIB .204 Cal., 40 Gr. BT? Here’s a series of notes, exchanged with Steve, from New Mexico, covering a four year span: a pair of similar pics, of two nice coyotes!   Keep reading – you’ll see that Steve is not an armchair coyote hunter! Thank you, Steve, for allowing BIB to share in your success. 🙂 RGIMG_0917.JPGOn Nov 2, 2015, at 1:41 PM,  Steve wrote:
 Hey RG, received the bullets and boy do they shoot! Most accurate 20 cal. bullet I’ve shot!

Hope to try out on coyotes very soon.
One thing I noticed was the wind doesn’t seem to bother your bullets as bad as others.
 I had a 10-15 mph 90° cross wind and the 40 $#@%$, 40 BT’s and 39 &*^%# (all 4 were exact same load) were spot on with 2 different ballistic calcs, but your [BIB] bullets were dang near half the drift at 300 yards.

If these don’t splash, I definitely have found the magic bullet. 

IMG_0914.JPGOn Jan 5, 2016, at 6:00 PM, Steve wrote:
 Hey RG,
 Just wanted to report back on your bullets after giving them a very thorough testing.
 Looks like I have found the “magic bullet”. Over 20 coyotes, several cats, a few fox, and 2 hogs from 10 to 390 yards all DRT, and NO splashes!

I had a couple of marginal hits but they all went down. Even shot a whitetail doe at 200 yards and she didn’t go 10 yards.

I will definitely be buying more, don’t want to run out of these, they do it all!!
 I gave some to a friend that was having the same problems with splashing and he is having good results also. Thank you, Steve

On Feb 22, 2019, at 12:08 PM, Steve wrote:

Hey RG,
I’m in need of some more of your 20 cal bullets, are they still available, if so, how much do I make the check out for?
Over 500 coyotes alone and not one single splash! Thanks, Steve

This is a copy of my original 30BR reamer print – somewhat different than Ronnie Long’s. NOTE: while not necessarily worse (or, better), any reamer featuring a single dimensional change IS NOT a , “Robinett 30BR” reamer! Regrettably, there are a multitude of 30BR reamers made, bearing my name, which feature undesirable dimensional alterations! KNOW WHAT you are getting – if the gunsmith cannot inform you, get a different smith.

The hand written .315, above the neck is the approximate neck length. Note the 1.75 Degree (1 deg. 45 Min.) throat angle. If ordering a new reamer, I’d make two changes: 1) web diameter (.200″ ahead of bolt-face), I’d change to 0.472; 2) neck diameter, I’d increase to 0.331, or, .332″. More than 0.010″ free-bore (on this print, lead), or, over-all-length in excess of 1.525″ is undesirable. RGRSCAN0003.JPG

Sept. 28, 2019 Chad’s latest BC adventure – a nice Mountain Goat Billy – another successful 6.5/284, BIB 135 Gr. BT performance concluded some serious effort and thrills! Thank you for sharing, Chad!ChadsMtnGpat2019BIB135.jpg