Matt’s Wyoming mule deer 2020

Matt with his “gumer” 4×4 (OLD, as in worn-to-gum-line molars) – a very nice buck for this year, as conditions were tough (for the six days we hunted, 82-87 Deg. and 20-35mph breezes), and deer were scarce. Matt had passed-up a 203yd shot at this buck on our initial afternoon (10/4), stating, “it’s the first day . . . and he’s a little crab-clawed” . . . Three days later, we returned to that vicinity, hoping to locate the buck again – if we could have found him, ‘ in the right spot’, I’d have shot him while making a movie . . . no luck. That day – we glassed up a mere three dink & mega-dink bucks and a few does.

Six days later, having seen (except for mine) nothing even close to this buck, Matt and I decided to try re-locating the old buck – intuition paid off! Just after sunrise – yup, we were a little late – we climbed a ‘flat-top’ (butte), staying below the sky-line, and began glassing to the South and SW, where we expected the 4×4 and his high & heavy, but narrow 3×4 pal would be foraging . . . no go. I decided to work around to the north side, and glass to the North/NW – bingo!! The pair were working up a coulee about 5/8ths of a mile to our north, moving N/NE, up the coulee, searching for a shady hide-out . . . after about two hours of intensely watching their back-track, they decided to lay-low in the last possible draw, before needing to either cross 1/4 mile of prairie, or, turn back – ball in our court!

Matt pulled off a perfect stalk, and crawled to a distance of 237yd, while I stayed slightly behind, but where I could observe the bucks and the potential action. While Matt had the drop on the pair, I decided to slither into a more comfortable position and sit-up, with my back against a convenient ‘rock’ – the tall narrow buck saw my move and stood up! The bigger buck was unfazed, but presented only a partial head-shot. Following a tense forty-five minute stand-off, Mr. Narrow turned, walked over to Mr. Gumer and kicked him twice! The big boy was on his feet, presenting a, “Texas heart-shot”! Matt remained patient until the 4×4 turned to a quartering [away] angle: BOOM, whop, DRT. This was Matt’s second mule deer buck using the Preditor actioned .300WSM/152gr BIB BT @ 3250fps – both DRT.

Matt’s 2019 Wyoming mule deer – 55yd, .300WSM/BIB 152gr BT -DRT. Very similar in gross score -about 166″ -somewhat different configuration.

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