Matt – 417yd mule deer, 25IdiotMag aka 25/300WSM, 110gr BIB BT

Clearly, my video cam is not professional grade, and I am not a pro photographer. Still, despite the poor quality, due to file-size limits, you will clearly see the bullet impact, as the [windage/drop] chart stated, a full 1.5MOA (about 6″ – I was thinking a little less) to the right of the front leg line. None the less, very acceptable shot placement. Regrettably, I had the cam locked-up too tight to pan & follow . . .

Matt had dialed in the about 3 MOA for elevation, above the 200yd zero. Of the mule deer bucks (I think, 7) which Matt has shot with the 257IdiotMag/110gr BIB BT combination, this is the only one which traversed more then ten feet following bullet impact – he went about 100yd! The 110gr BTs exit the muzzle at 3540fps – at 425yd, V should be about 2850fps and deliver 1985 ft-lb of energy. That was a tough year –  our 6th day of hunting, and the best buck we had seen.

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