Welcome to the BIB home page. This site was made possible through the efforts of Ryan Ware. Thank you, Ryan.

The BIB site will be a “no frills” affair, intended to keep customers and friends current regarding products, pricing and availability. There will be no forum, as the excellent  Benchrest Central < http://benchrest.com/forum.php > forums provide opportunity to express opinions and share experience.

Please make time to read the MISSION page – that should provide, for those who do not know me, a picture of how and why we got where we are – primarily through bench-rest competition. Please check-in from time to time. RG.

2013 NBRSA Hunter Nationals, Mill Creek Range, Desoto, KS: left, R.G. Robinett, 200 Yard (249-3x) and Grand Aggregate Champion (499-18x); right, Greg Sweezey, 100Yd. Champion (250-18x). Both Greg and ‘RG” are proud members of the [obscure] Hunter Class Hall of Fame: good rifles, dedication, and BIB bullets work. Greg, who’s HoF points total more than double the next best total, is also a builder of world class rifles – Gold Creek Rifles, Carlton, WA.
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