Welcome to the BIB home page. This site was made possible through the efforts of Ryan Ware and linked to the Bench-Talk forum, courtesy of and hosted by Stan Ware, of SGR CUSTOM RIFLES –  “Thank you” seems not quite enough, but I know they both get the drift! 😉 Although Stan has retired, I still thank him and Ryan for providing this connection.

The BIB site will be a “no frills” affair, intended to keep customers and friends current regarding products, pricing and availability. There will be no forum, as the excellent Bench-Talk and Benchrest Central forums provide opportunity to express opinions.

Please make time to read the MISSION page – that should provide, for those who do not know me, a picture of how and why we got where we are – primarily through benchrest competition. As time allows, I plan on providing technical data and more specific information regarding our products – please check-in from time to time. RG.

R.G. “Randy” Robinett

P.O. Box 72

Madrid, IA 50156

Call 515-438-4010

P.S. Since the initial test worked quite well and easily, the PHOTOS (page) will be used, primarily, to display photos and perhaps, occasionally, a short video. Check out pal, Chad’s three rams!